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We at Charitable Institute are striving to change attitudes.

We are losing more species, in a shorter period than ever. The earth is losing 50 to 150 species per day. And some environments have lost about 40% of entire species and populations of the remaining species have likewise declined. This rapid extinctions is happening in just decades.

It is no longer time for complacency, yet complacency is all that society does. The latest trend in complacency is governments and international conservation agencies congratulating themselves on an agreement to reserve 30% of land and oceans for nature. Meanwhile the mass extinction continues. We do not need just any land or any ocean. There is a tendency to set aside some remote mostly useless land and to avoid protecting the the biodiversity, of the land, the oceans and the fishing stocks closer to home that need protection.

It is not about setting aside areas, if these are not the areas we need. If the land use is not changed to accommodate high biodiversity. It makes more sense also to put more emphasis on reducing the intensity of other land use. For example it can sometimes be a good solution just to extend some areas a little bit - beautiful rivers with trees around it can be extended to incorporate some bush areas that little birds need, butterflies and other wildlife need. Pesticides can be used more judgely so that they do not encroach so much on the wild areas next to them.

As a plan B for climate change we need to create bio corridors that stretch from south to north, from low altitude to higher altitude and between areas of wild nature (so that species do not die out from inbreeding). We need to provide islands for birds (threatened by cats) and allow rough areas with bushes, water logged areas and natural flowing rivers (not just sections of rivers) and really engage the general public, scientists, planners and politicians to come up with solutions that really halts this terrible human sourced mass extinction.

World population growth also needs desperately to be addressed. Whatever people do individually, recycle, use less fuel, etc., only has a marginal impact if future generations are more populous with an ever increasing consumption level.

All this costs money, so we propose that as much money should be put into this as we do for defense. Defending the planet should be a very high priority. For us and future generations. Most people who give it a thought, would be prepared that some of their hard earned tax money would be diverted to this task.

Our campaign is by way of communication. Please support our different approach.

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